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You Have Come to the Right Place

Susan came to the Hope House Housing Office to seek help in her new beginning. With little hope, she explained her past of prison life and wrong doing, but that she was searching for a positive future both herself and her two year old son. She has faith that her dreams were reachable, but hard to achieve due to her prior choices in life.

As she sat my the office with a face full of fear I said, “You have come to the right place.” Her face lit up as I explained it would take hard work but she could succeed. We sat down and began to set little goals for her to achieve.

Starting the same week, she began to fill out applications for employment and made a new resume. Her confidence was shining through and she began submitting at least three resumes a week, following up with each employer. Susan continued to be strong-willed and confident, which lead to an important step toward success, a job!

Next we sat down to move on to the next step, an apartment. I gave here all the referrals and information on housing and she was off to conquer her next task. Within a couple of weeks she was approved for a two bedroom apartment, a place to call home!

Susan has been working for four months now and continues to strive daily towards her new success. With her confidence and positive attitude she continues to push forward for her son and herself. We are still working together and planning into the future, setting new goals every month. Now with a job and housing tackled, Susan can focus on pursuing her education and getting a vehicle.

Sunny Davis


Sunny Davis, Housing Resources Case Manager


Our Getting Ahead Family

Jesse came to Hope House to sign up for Getting Ahead classes. He was struggling because, due to an arrest he was having difficulty finding work. Without decent paying employment, Jesse was facing the loss of housing. Due to bad choices on his part, Jesse was feeling at a loss of how to turn his situation around.

Through the Getting Ahead class, he was able to start working on a new chapter of his life. Through the 10 weeks of classes, he took a very personal look at why he was battling so many hurdles in his journey. He also did a community assessment and a personal assessment of resources. With this knowledge, he began building upon his weaker resources by using his stronger ones. He has also been able to make peace with parts of his past that had started to shape him in a negative way.

Jesse enrolled in a welding certificate program and successfully obtained his certificate. He has maintained full time work, earning a living wage for several months now. He still attends Ally meetings for Getting Ahead graduates when his schedule allows.

Regardless of what circumstances led him to Hope House, Jesse’s future story is being written in a whole new light.

Carol Steegman


Carol Steegman, Bridges Out of Poverty Program Coordinator


Hope for Sunshine Comes True

This client is the epitome of what we hope for every Able Housing Program client. As a young person in the community, she was lost in a situation that seemed hopeless at the time. She was staying at an emergency shelter when she was referred to the Hope House for help. Upon entering the Able Program, she was unemployed, in search of a home, and depressed. In the first year of the program, she was in and out of employment nearly monthly and enduring family ridicule.

Although this individual was facing circumstances that may have seemed nearly impossible, she embraced the goals she set and used her case manager. With hard work, determination, and links to community resources this client has become self-sufficient.

While completion of this program has many faces, it was uplifting to see the pride in the face of this client shine as bright as spring sunshine. Her confidence brings warmth to the hearts of the staff that assisted her. Seeing the success of an individual who pushed through personal struggles to reach for new beginnings is priceless.

This individual has now been at her job for over a year. She budgets her finances independently and is at the beginning of a journey she is capable of continuing on in a manner she can be proud of!

Starr Sears


Starr Sears, Able Housing Case Manager