Become An Ally

What is a Bridges Out of Poverty Ally?

An Ally is a person living in middle class or wealth who wants to be an “intentional friend” to someone who has completed the Getting Ahead program. The goal is to create a mutually beneficial relationship with someone who is different from you so you can both grow and change. Allies make a 2 year commitment to meeting face- to-face for 3 hours per month with a Getting Ahead graduate. During the time together allies and Getting Ahead grads get to know each other, work on goals, share ideas and focus on ways to help both people build resources.

What does an Ally do?

  • Work with Allies to assist and offer support to a Getting Ahead graduate and their immediate family.

  • Attend a bi-monthly meeting with their Getting Ahead graduate for a minimum of 18 months.

  • Assist Getting Ahead Graduates in reaching their goal by offering support to the individual and their family. This support can include; developing resumes,  car repairs, providing a job referral, etc. The supports are relevant to the  graduates needs and goals at any particular time.

  • Attend Ally support sessions as scheduled.

  • Ability to work with the Getting Ahead graduates and offer ongoing support which may take place outside of regularly scheduled meetings.

  • Seek guidance/supervision from the Bridges Coordinator when unsure or concerned about the Ally process.

Moving Forward Network

The Moving Forward Network creates a way for allies and graduates to regularly come together that helps bridge social capital while also working to solve everyday problems graduates experience. By bringing graduates and allies to the table together, you form a learning experience from the grassroots level.

Daytime Moving Forward Network (Ally) Meetings
Family Center, Room #119
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Held on the first and third Monday each month.

Evening Moving Forward Network (Ally) Meetings
Millstream Career Center
5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Held on the second and fourth Tuesday each month.

Minimum qualifications to become an Ally

  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Ability to offer support to others through networking and personal encouragement.
  • Complete a six hour Bridges Out of Poverty Training.
  • Complete a three hour Ally Training.
  • (Both trainings must be completed prior to meeting with the STEP Up Leader)

How do I become an Ally?

  1. Complete the Bridges Out of Poverty Training Program (6 Hours)
  2. Complete The Ally Training Program (3 Hours)
  3. Register online by clicking the button below to become an Ally


Become an Ally Today

Bridges Out of Poverty Training

Take an in depth look at the Bridges Out of Poverty training course to learn how you can help overcome poverty in your community by breaking down the stigmas of poverty.

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Getting Ahead Program

The Getting Ahead Program is a 14 week class designed to help community members understand their living situations and build the resources needed to get to their ideal situations.

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Become an Ally

A program for Graduates of the Bridges Out of Poverty Training program to unite with graduates of the Getting Ahead program to work together towards a better tomorrow.

Become An Ally