Independence. Build Some.


Independence Day is just around the corner. But for some, independence is still out of reach.

Through July 4th, we are raising $30,000 to help 30 families make the transition from homelessness and poverty to self-reliance.

In 2016, Emily and her daughters did just that.

It’s through your support that her independence was made possible, and your support this year can help hundreds of other families in need.

Emily's Story

“Before coming to Hope House I was a complete and utter disaster. My life was a mess and had absolutely no sense of order or direction. I felt lost, alone, and severely depressed. I thought it was never going to get better and that I was failing as an adult and most importantly as a mother.

I came to Hope House because I was homeless, pregnant, and I had a one year old daughter and had nowhere else to turn. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Hope House helped by giving me the support and confidence I desperately needed to grow and become the best me I could be.”

Read more of Emily’s story.

Make an Impact

Get involved and help end the cycle of poverty in Hancock County.

Whether you give resources or time, you’ll know it will it make a lasting difference for families in need.