What counties do you serve?
Those seeking services from our housing programs must reside in Hancock County and be literally homeless. Individuals seeking services from our transitional housing shelter do not have to be a resident of Hancock County but, Hancock County residents take priority.
I am in emergency need of housing, can I stay at your shelter tonight?
We’re sorry, but no. Hope House does not have emergency housing units. Our housing programs, including our shelter, differ from that of an emergency service. We have an intake process, interview, and eligibility criteria for participation in the housing programs and shelter. Individuals who are in emergency need are welcome to contact us, but we ask for your assistance while determining eligibility and potentially resulting in referrals for alternate services when necessary.
I am concerned about the privacy and safety of my children and self. Does the Transitional Housing Shelter address these concerns?
Yes. We hold your privacy, confidentiality, and safety in our highest regard. All staff, monitors, volunteers, and residents are taught appropriate measures to maintain these standards so that our community living setting can foster safety and trust for our residents. Additionally, each family has their own personal and private bedroom.
I have never participated in a Transitional Housing Program. What should I expect?
Our Transitional Housing is a participation-based program, centered around individuals’ goals to diminish homelessness and increase skills for independence. Supports provided within Transitional Housing include: a safe-supportive community living environment, individual case management services, groups for skill-building/learning, linkages to community resources, and program components which foster her ability to own and maintain their own permanent housing in the future.
I am male. Is there any assistance available to me through Hope House?
The rental assistance programs available at the housing office (within the Family Center) assist both men, women and families. Our Transitional Housing Shelter is only able to serve women and women with children.
If my household is facing eviction, behind on rent, or in need of funds for a hotel stay, are you able to help?
Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with these situations. There may be other resources we can refer you to in order to assist with these circumstances. Please contact us.
Why do you offer Bridges Out of Poverty Training? What's in it for me?
There are many reasons we encourage individuals to take part in Bridges! Some of the many benefits include redesigning programs to better serve the people you work with, building skill sets for management to help guide employees, upgrade training for front-line staff like receptionists, caseworkers and managers; improving treatment outcomes in healthcare; and increasing the likelihood of moving from welfare to work. Contact us to get started.
I know someone who is homeless. Can you help him/her?
We encourage anyone who finds themselves in any homeless state to stop by or call our office so that we can understand your circumstances and offer assistance or give referrals to other agencies.