Joseph’s Story

Joseph is an intelligent young man who, with the constant support of his family, has faced a combination of many special challenges throughout his life. His parents are relocating soon and Joseph was in need of a housing situation that could support his needs.

Joseph has lived in group homes but all he really wanted was to be able to live “with the person he loves the most”—his sister.

His mother writes:

As the parents of an adult child with disabilities, we face many challenges finding services and supports that are both appropriate and adequate for our son’s needs. As he approaches the age of 26, we have been working to ensure his access to insurance and ongoing support. In these efforts, we were referred to Hope House, and found great help there through SSI Ohio Specialist, Laurie.


Laurie guided us through the process of applying for Social Security, patiently explaining – and often, explaining again – what was needed, making contacts with professionals who had the information required, and regularly being in touch with us as to the progress of the application.


Her kind and professional manner was impressive to our son, who gained a level of trust in her needed to complete the application. Her ability to discern what was needed and her attention to detail made a process that can be quite stressful much less so, as we came to know that we had a knowledgeable partner sharing the load.


This provided a sense of order and calm for us all. In a family including someone with significant disabilities, calm is highly valued, often sought, and too often difficult to find.


Laurie’s work made this process much easier for all of us, and has resulted, happily, in approval of the application submitted. This has allowed our son to achieve his goal of moving out of a group housing situation and moving in with his sister, greatly increasing his quality of life.


We cannot express how grateful we are for Laurie’s work and for the services provided by Hope House. You have made a real and substantial difference in the quality of life our son enjoys, and made it possible for us, his parents, to set aside some of our anxiety about our son’s future. Thank you so much.

– Cynthia and Mark, parents of Joseph, former client

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