Katrina’s Story

My name is Katrina, and before coming to Hope House I was 4 months pregnant and homeless. I would break into garages, sheds, or sleep on porches. Before coming to Hope House, life was unbearable. The future for my baby and I was unknown and scary. I thought I would never find a home for my daughter and me. I felt hopeless, scared, ashamed, and like a failure.

I came to Hope House for a better chance in life. I needed to get out of garages, sheds and porches so I could prepare for the birth of my daughter. I had nowhere to turn or anyone that could help me. I wanted a better life for my daughter and me. Hope House helped me by putting me up in a hotel while I looked for housing, so I could actually sleep before work and relax once I was home. They gave me a list of landlords and helped me start my search.

Once I found housing, Hope House paid my first month’s rent and deposit. They also gave me a voucher for Habitat Restore to buy furniture, because the only thing I had was an air mattress for a bed that a friend gave me. They gave me dishes, food and toiletries. They took me to baby appointments and helped with baby items. As I got my feet under me, I paid more and more of my rent, while I also took care of some other things that had been holding me back.

Now my life is so different. I have a roof over my head for my daughter and me. I don’t worry about where we might sleep next. I finally have furniture. Life is just so amazing for the both of us.

If it wasn’t for Hope House I don’t know where I would be. For once in my life, I finally have a good chance at a good future, and so does my daughter. I feel so grateful, accomplished, proud, and optimistic.

I want people to know that this program really does help, and it gives you hope. With Hope House I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and create a good life for my daughter and me.

Something I learned at Hope House despite my shortcomings and bad choices is that there are people that actually believe in you and want to help you. People that won’t turn their back on you and that will push you to do better. People to help you accomplish goals and strive for your success.

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