Laura’s Story

On a busy afternoon at the Hope House shelter, I received a call from Marisa, one of the shelter residents. Immediately, I felt worried that Marisa was facing a problem with her schedule, childcare, or transportation.

Instead, I was met with a gleeful exclamation.


A local apartment complex just called. They have a two-bedroom apartment available and they’ve offered it to me and my kids!”

As Marisa fought back tears, without skipping a beat, she said,

“I’ll have my very first apartment and my first Christmas ever with my children.”

I feel overjoyed knowing how magical this holiday season will be for Marisa and her family!

Throughout all of her hard work, Marisa’s kids were her guiding light–her Christmas star. And this year, they won’t spend Christmas at a shelter–or searching for room at the inn–they know they will be together in their very own home. This will be a true holiday of hope for them.

Laura Abraham,
Shelter Case Manager

You can give local families a home for tonight and hope for a better future.


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